Monday, March 7, 2011

What to write when you are at loss for words

All of us have those days where we are loss for words and have no idea how we can relay our feelings to others.  Here are a few tips on how you could write something when you think you can’t:

1)      Settle down and relax your mind you are probably thinking too hard and forcing yourself to write.  People who can write a lot are normally just thinking bout a certain topic or feeling, you on the other hand has so much stuff in your head you got confused on which to write about.

2)      Remember your recipient and think about his / her qualities – does he/she like to laugh? Is he/she your boss that requires a more serious tone? Is he/she a relative that yearns for more sweetness? 

3)      Remember why you are writing. 

-          Is it for a special occasion or just a note to say hello?
-          Special occasions like weddings may require a bit more formality than a normal birthday card

4)      Create a mini outline on what you want to say.
I.                   Intro/ Hello/Greetings
II.                How you feel that moment
III.             Why you are writing
IV.             Special memories you share with the person (skip if its for a colleague or a boss)
V.                Thank you
VI.             Final greetings or other sweet nothings

       Outlines will keep your thoughts in one general line so your ideas are not scattered.  Simplicity is still the best bet for any greeting card.  You don’t have to fill up all the spaces to express your feelings, you just tell them succinctly how you feel in simple words and that’s about it. 

It’s always simple with MisterGreetingCard.

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